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Features of Cultural Reality in Cultural World View

Basalaeva O/G.

Freedom as a Problem of Legal Consciesness: Social and Philosophic Aspects of the Problem in the Global World

Efarkin AntonA.

Global Peace and the Problem of Perfection as a Problem of Universal Connection

Malinin AlexanderV.

International Educational Surveys: The Review of School Assessment Surveys

Khmeleva N.L.,Sabelnikova E.V.

Legal Qualiёcation as a Logical Method of Cognition

Vlasenko V.N.


Metaphysics and Dogmatism

Denisovand SergeyF.,Lubov V.

Military Progress in the Global World: new Tendencies and Problems

Maximov SergeyV.

New Traditions of the Social Process Management and Globalization Tendencies

Ozeredenko VladimirN.

On a Positive Sense of Arthur Schopenhauer’s Pessimism Applied to Strategic Management

Trotsak AlexeyI.

Presence of Spirituality in Social Consolidation in the World

Kozlova MariaV.

Revisiting the Problem of Development the Tools on Effectiveness of Regional Economic Mechanisms

Sinichkina MariaA.

Simbolization of the Self in Novgorod Monasticism Traditions: Archetypal and Social Aspects

Malenko SegeyA.,Nekita AndreyG.


Николаева Ж.В.

Social and Philosophic Aspects of Regional Sustainability in the Global World

Larionova TatianaV.

Studying of functions of Imagination in the Elite Sport: the Analysis of Structural and Functional Interrelations of Images and Representations with Personal Characteristics of Professional Athletes

Sevostianova M.S.

The Essence of Pressure of Globalization in Modern Times: the Socio-Philosophical Aspects of the Problem

Kravtsov DmitryI.

The Violence of Non-Violence and Civil Disobedience: a Psychological Inference

Anthony Afe.,Omoyibo KingsleyU.

Transformation of the Subject in the Act of the Reverse birth: Analysis of the Search of the Lost Mother (based on A. Platonov’s Texts)

Glushenkova OlgaA.

Universe, Incarnation and Humanity: Theology of Thomas Torrance and Modern Cosmology

Nesteruk A.V.
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