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Журнал Сибирского федерального университета. Гуманитарные науки. Journal of Siberian Federal University, Humanities& Social Sciences/2015/№ 6/

Communication Potential of Information Technologies in Global Educational Space

The article analyzes new communication opportunities, arising in the system of education with the use of modern information technologies. Basing on socio-philosophical analysis, the author proves that obvious advantages are accompanied by the problems, many of which are of alienation character. These are, in particular, violation of traditional subject-object relations at the university as well as formation of new distant relations among the youth. Speciёc features of interaction of information and education largely determine potential directions of all social institutions’ development. With this regard socio-philosophical analysis is of a particular relevance, since the philosophy of information in Russia is intensively developing and plays an increasingly important role in science due to the on-going process of the global information society formation. One of the consequences of the accelerated reform of the educational sphere, aiming at the introduction of information technologies, is alienation among the youth and students in particular. Modern society is characterized by strengthening of many links in it. As for the educational system, the information society turns it into a manufacturer of the production means, a human intelligence generator. This results in the fact that the elements inherent to the economic institute appear in it. Currently it is possible to say that a human exists in different educational spaces simultaneously, some of which are interrelated and inter-supplemental, but others are either poorly linked or autonomous to a great extent. The process of informatization and computerization of society favours the formation of information educational subspace. The computer with its rich operating system contributes to the dialogue of different cultures. A human’s formation in the educational process can be shaped by the process of information movement and accumulation. In this case it is considered to be a sort of evolutionary information process. Consequently, informatization must become an important element of state policy in the ёeld of education, especially for Russia, since modernization of Russia, being a manifestation of a new great innovation cycle, is impossible without informatization of culture and processes and structures linked to it.

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